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PhD in Anthropology

The PhD in Anthropology trains future scholars and professors in one of the 4 sub-disciplines of anthropology, i.e.:

  • Ethnology
  • Archaeology
  • Biological anthropology
  • Ethnolinguistics

The PhD program includes mandatory courses worth 6 credits: the Séminaire de doctorat - ANT7805 (3 credits) and Pratiques professionnelles - ANT7810 (3 credits). Preparatory courses may also be required upon admission.

  • Fall admission
  • Daytime classes
  • Full-time and part-time
  • 90 credits, including 83 for research and dissertation


The program allows 83 credits for conducting research and writing a dissertation, as well as 1 credit for a writing workshop. You have a maximum of 5 years to submit your dissertation after you first enrol, not including suspension or preparatory terms.

For more information on the PhD program, see the Guide for PhD students in Anthropology (in French).

General option

The general option is for students with a Master's in Anthropology (or a related degree) and who would like to conduct research in one of the sub-disciplines of anthropology. Anthropological research focuses on the study of individual or collective variations with the goal of identifying, understanding and explaining the various aspects of human evolution.

Consult the latest theses and dissertations (in French) by students in the Department to get an idea of the variety of topics making up this discipline. And what about you? What themes would you like to study, to advance anthropological knowledge?

New! Museology option

Students with a master's in museology (or a related discipline) and a bachelor's degree in anthropology may expand and consolidate their knowledge through the PhD in Anthropology program, museology option.

The goal of this option is to provide training suited to the realities of today's museums. Graduates of this program can aspire to museum management positions calling for combined expertise in these 2 fields.

Aside from the time devoted to writing their dissertation, PhD students in the different disciplines take an integrating seminar (in French) that brings together critical reflections, theories and concepts in museology. The intensive seminar, presented in collaboration with international partners, is in the form of an international summer school for PhD students.

The + of studying anthropology at the Université de Montréal!