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Graduate programs

The Department’s graduate programs are intended for students thinking of a career in research, post-secondary teaching or fieldwork.

Interdisciplinary program

Job outlook

In addition to teaching and research at the university level, anthropologists can aspire to a variety of other positions:

  • Project officer (CLSC, community or governmental organization)
  • Research officer (community, governmental or parapublic organization, governmental or institutional research centre)
  • Co-ordinator with an activist organization
  • Social project co-ordinator (community or humanitarian organization)
  • Museum curator (head of collections and exhibitions)
  • Recruitment co-ordinator (research centre, business, hospital)
  • Community director (CLSC, community association)
  • Front-line worker (social work, community association)
  • Scientific research project assistant or co-ordinator (archaeological and paleontological digs)
  • Interpretation planner (museum)
  • Professional researcher (government or university research centre)
  • Policy analyst (national or international political body - UN, NATO, etc.)
  • Liaison officer (government or university research centre, CLSC)
  • Project manager (written and electronic media for professional associations)
  • Support network co-ordinator (community organization)
  • Research and social and political intervention expert (NGO)

The humanist, versatile and multidisciplinary dimensions of anthropologists' intellectual training, combined with the scientific aspects of the discipline, make a good combination for working in a variety of sectors with a mixed clientele.

See the section on careers in anthropology for more information.