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About the Department

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The Department is a North American leader in terms of its size and the variety of its members’ research interests. The Department is also the only one to cover all 4 sub-disciplines:

  • Archaeology
  • Biological anthropology
  • Ethnolinguistics
  • Ethnology

The Department combines European and North American approaches, offering students broad-ranging and specialized programs with a focus on current concerns and debates. Students may follow a more interdisciplinary approach.

Ideally, students already have a basic background in English, biology, geography, mathematics and history.

QS ranks us among the best in the world.

The Department of Anthropology is:

number 1   25 professors and numerous scholars
number 2   600 undergraduate and graduate students
number 3   Over 100 graduates at all 3 levels each year
number 4   More than 150 courses and seminars