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Tuite, Kevin J.

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  • Téléphone 514-343-6111 #51713 Pav. PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. \ bur. C-3102

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Tuite, Kevin J.

Champs d'expertise

Projets en cours

  • Transformations of Sacred Spaces, Pilgrimages and Conceptions of Hybridity in the Post-Soviet Caucasus; Volkswagen-Stiftung (Allemagne); 2012-2016

Publications principales

in press. St. George in the Caucasus: Politics, Gender, Mobility. Sakralität und Mobilität in Südosteuropa und im Kaukasus, ed. by Thede Kahl and Tsypylma Darieva. Verlag der Österreichen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

in press. Language and emergent literacy in Svaneti. Papers from the 1st Caucasus University of Ardahan International Conference on Endangered Languages, ed. Gurkan Dogan. Brill

in press. Alignment and orientation in Kartvelian (South Caucasian). Oxford Handbook of Ergativity, ed. by Jessica Coon, Diane Massam, Lisa Travis. Oxford University Press    

2014; Religion in Georgia. Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices. Thomas Riggs, éd. Detroit: Thomson Gale; 588-596    

2010; Agentless transitive verbs in Georgian. Anthropological Linguistics 51 #3-4 ; 2010 ; 269-295    

Jourdan, Christine et Tuite, K. (dirs.); Language,Culture and Society: Key Topics in Linguistic Anthropology. Cambridge University Press; 2006

2004: Early Old Georgian.; Encyclopedia of the World’s Ancient Languages, R. D. Woodward, dir., Cambridge University Press; 967-987.    

2004; Lightning, sacrifice and possession in the traditional religions of the Caucasus. Part I; Anthropos 99; 2004; 143-159; Part II; Anthropos 99; 2004; 481-497.

2000; “Anti-marriage” in ancient Georgian society.; Anthropological Linguistics, 42 #1; 37-60.    

1998; Achilles and the Caucasus.; Journal of Indo-European Studies, vol 26, #3-4.; 289-344.

1998; Kartvelian Morphosyntax. Number agreement and morphosyntactic orientation in the South Caucasian languages. (Studies in Caucasian Linguistics, 12); München: Lincom Europa. 

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